Kaia's Nursery

Designing Kaia’s nursery brought me such joy. Slowly gathering inspiration from many other talented mamas out there, searching high and low for many beautiful goodies around the world and then finally patching together my vision once we moved back into our home here in Cape Town (after spending a year overseas). Kaia was already 2.5 months when we moved back into our home, so you can imagine how excited I was to finally create this space for her (and me!).

My Favourite Oat Cake Recipe

Having your hands full with one or several kiddies calls for wholesome snacks on the go, because let’s face it, when do we ever have the time to sit down and prepare ourselves food!? These gorgeous oat cakes are amazing for those gap fillers, when your tummy is telling you ‘feed me (!!)’, whilst your babe is saying the exact same but in a slightly louder manner.

Favourite Playgrounds in Berlin

I looked up a few classes I wanted to trial with Noah, I wrote down the most recommended parks, looked up kinder-cafes, of course the best restaurants, cafes, and bakeries, and most importantly, I searched high and low for the absolute best playgrounds. Fun fact: There are about 1,805 public playgrounds in Berlin, a city of nearly four million inhabitants, of which about half a million are under 18. Statistically, this is a fantastic ratio and visually its apparent everywhere. Playgrounds pop up like wildflowers in this city and seem to fill every empty spot there is. But quantity is not what makes Berlin a playground paradise. 

A Reflection: My 2016 Intentions

Setting my intentions at the turn of the year has been a little tradition of mine as far back as I can remember.  I was very excited about the intentions I had set for 2016, as it was going to be an exciting year for us in terms of travel, family and personal development. Since I didn’t have Stellarize Your Life up and running at the turn of the year, I decided that I am going to share these intentions with you as a form of reflection. 

A Letter to My Daughter

Today I want to share on a more personal level with you. Something from the heart. A letter to our little lady that will grace us with her presence so very soon. Open communication has always been of utmost importance to me and since it is something that I hope to foster in our very own little family, I believe it is never too early to start setting an example in this area and leading the way.


A Beautiful Girls Trip to Cabo, Mexico

Six of us jetted down to Cabo for 4 days, 3 nights and stayed in a beautiful villa on the ocean, close to San Jose del Cabo. It was my first lengthy time away from Noah (previously I'd only been away for a night) so I was a bit of an emotional mess the night before leaving but I'm sure my current, healthy levels of hormones added to that. I knew I'd be able to disconnect once I was away and what a treat it was. 

Feeling Ready For Baby #2

When your first baby is born, it becomes the light of your life - your everything. You have never focuses so much attention, so much love, on one particular thing or one particular someone. It is absolutely beautiful. How do you decide to widen your love circle? How to you manage to make more space? How do you manage to share your love?