I was born in Germany but then raised as a third culture kid (raised in a culture outside of my parents’ culture), in nine different countries all over the world, by my two wonderful parents who taught me nothing less than to love, respect, appreciate, learn and embrace. I’m the only girl amongst four brothers, so naturally I found my independence at a young age. Growing up, we had quite the diversity when it came to where ‘home’ was, but what all our different ‘homes’ had in common was the abundance of nature and our ability and joint desire as siblings to play outside. There was never any lack of trees, fields, parks, rope swings, ocean or sand dunes. I’m forever grateful to have grown up away from excessive amounts of technology and gadgets that are nowadays taking many kids away from experiencing natural elements that help us really recognize who we are and what this life has to offer. 

I acknowledge that I am forever learning and growing but as a result of my life and upbringing thus far, I believe in the importance of living life. In making the most of our gift that is freedom and exploring this world through travel and adventure. I believe in approaching life with an open heart that welcomes love and acknowledges emotion.

I find myself on the constant lookout for inspiration and strive for a balanced life, where I value time for myself as much as time with others. A life where I not only try to stay true to my dreams despite what society, in my head, may push me to believe, but also find comfort and peace in doing so. A balanced life, where I nourish but also indulge. I believe in living every day with intention and purpose and in valuing the small, delightful details of life, which make it so wonderful. I therefore don’t want to ever take the beauty of nature for granted, a phenomenon that leaves me in perpetual awe and wonder; my son Noah being my constant living example.

As I am always on the move, my roots are forever drifting in mid air, but in my heart I know that they are deeply embedded, perhaps not in one place but in one beautiful little family, which I get to call my own. I want us to stay forever curious, forever loving, forever grateful and I know happiness will always find us.