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What Is In My Hospital Bag?

What Is In My Hospital Bag?

Round 2 here we come! I can’t remember what we packed for our birth with Noah but it was most definitely very similar. A few things may have been added/subtracted because some of the items on the list below, are certainly things I learnt from round one. I packed my bags four weeks prior to due date this time. Some may think that is super late to pack your bag, others may think that is early. Each and everyone of us is different and there is no right or wrong. I’m an absolute sucker when it comes to planning and being organized and four weeks felt perfect to me. I printed out the following list and placed the items in bold that we would still have to add to the bag on the day (such as the phone and phone charger), so that hubby can grab those last minute things for me just in case. Who knows in what state I will be.

If there are any experienced mamas out there reading this, please let me know if you feel like anything is missing.

What is in Baby’s Bag?

1.     15x New born Pampers Nappies

2.     2x Singlets size new born - To wear under onesies

3.     3x size 0000 onesies (although my first born wasn’t, this one will be in size 0000 for at least a week or two)

4.     1x Newborn going home outfit

5.     1x Wool suit by Engel to keep her snuggly and warm when going home (we are having a winter baby)

6.     1x Wool baby booties by Engel for going home

7.     1x Wool hat by Engel for going home

8.     1x Bonnet to use in the hospital

9.     3x Organic swaddles

10.  1x Receiving blanket

11.  2x Swaddle suits by Love to Dream

12.  Baby’s first teddy/cuddly toy

13.  2x Burp cloths

14.  1x Towel

15.  Calendula body wash by Weleda

16.  Calendula baby bum cream by Weleda

17.  Natural rubber dummy by Natursutten - Will probably not use it but it’s good to have one packed

18.  Milestone card – For a cute photo opportunity

What is in Mama’s bag?

1.     Clothes to wear during labour – sports bra, underwear, stretchy maternity leggings, tshirt

2.     30x Maternity pads

3.     10x Breast pads

4.     Hairties and headband

5.     Face cloth

6.     Towel

7.     Toiletries – Bio oil, deodorant, hairbrush, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, face wash, lotion

8.     Lavender oil or any oils that make you happy (check with your doctor or midwife beforehand)

9.     Lip Balm

10.  Hand sanitiser

11.  2x Nighties - Breastfeeding friendly

12.  3x Black extra high granny panties (underwear) - Black is much better than white. Think leakage.

13.  2x Breastfeeding singlets

14.  2x Breastfeeding bras

15.  Slippers

16.  2x Comfy pants (leggings and lounge pants) – To wear under the nighties

17.  Oversized sweater robe – To wear over the nighties and singlets

18.  Sweater/jacket to go home in – Can also tell hubby to bring this if you didn’t bring it to the hospital initially

19.  1x Belly Bandit compression leggings

20.  Belly Bandit tummy belt

21.  Lansinoh Nipple Cream

22.  Camera, Lense & charger

23.  Phone & phone charger

24.  Speakers & speaker charger

25.  Labour playlist (if you have one) – We created ours on Spotify

26.  Water bottles – Make sure these are the squirt-type water bottles

27.  Cookies, muesli bars, healthy snacks

28.  Sugarfree hard candy/lozengers

29.  Heat Pack- For labour and post birth

30.  Any necessary hospital forms

31.  Your birth plan (if you have one)

32.  Maternity record & Insurance card

33.  Documents for birth certificate: 1. Mother’s birth certificate, father’s birth certificate, sibling’s birth certificate, marriage certificate

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