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Setting Intentions for the Year 2016

Setting Intentions for the Year 2016

The best birthday present I received this year on my 28th birthday - and mind you this is already over half a year ago but its definitely not to late to write about it - was the ‘Twenty Eight is GREAT’ present as my wonderful husband referred to it as. He wrote to 28 of my best friends and family and asked them to send me words (or rather bits of advice) as to why 28 is not only a great age but why it will be a fantastic year. I shared with Rob a few weeks before that this year was the first year ever that I had one of those ‘Urgh I’m getting older’ moments. Perhaps it’s the inching closer to 30 milestone; perhaps it’s the massive life change of now being a mother. Whatever the reason, he wanted to ensure that any of such feelings were washed away and that I felt loved and wholesome on my day. Yes, I am a lucky one. 

The words were humbling and beautiful. Not only did I feel so blessed to have such wonderful people in my life, but I also felt motivated and excited for the year to come. There was a lot of wisdom and truth in what friends and family decided to share, so instead of reading it all once, being thankful and moving on, I decided to take these words and build my intentions for the year, an exercise which I am loving! I naturally find myself reflecting on the year gone by when I turn a year older but this time around I decided to combine it all - looking backwards and reflecting inspires me to look forward thoughtfully and purposefully.

If you’re not doing it already, think about giving it a go. Set your intentions for the year, be it on your birthday, the start of the New Year or any day really, as long as it marks an end, a beginning or holds special meaning for you. I’ve purposefully created a ‘My Intentions This Year’ page in my Stellarize Planner (hopefully launching this product one day - hah) in which I wrote:

‘Setting intentions or goals allows you to create a roadmap for where you want to go. Something powerful happens when you put pen to paper, so stop now, understand and define the life you want to live. Make note of your intentions for the year and make it your best year yet!’

I was able to categorize the words of advice in a few key buckets – Appreciate, be thankful and be present; Enjoy life’s little detail; Believe in yourself, look after yourself and be patient, and finally, onwards and upwards. They hold truth for anyone and everyone. I hope you feel as inspired as I did.

Life is a matter of perspective…

  • Today is the oldest you have been, and the youngest you will ever be again. Life is all a matter of perspective.

Appreciate, be thankful, be present…

  • Look at what is still to come. Embrace, celebrate and appreciate.
  • With another year to look forward to, already brimming full of change and excitement, there is so much to be thankful for. To share a small quote, "Gratitude turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos into order, confusion into clarity...it makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.” In your 28th year, continue to enjoy your beautiful son and thoughtful husband, your friends and family, and good health.
  • Don't think about what you haven't done in the past, or worry about what you will do in the future. For a moment, just appreciate where you are, your healthy family, your cozy home, and all that you have achieved already with these short 28 years. Be grateful.
  • Live in the moment. Don't worry about the future or spend too much time thinking about the past. Just be present where you are.

Enjoy life’s little details…

  • Life moves at a million miles an hour. But you can slow it down by remembering to be conscious of the little details around you.
  • Enjoy the small magical moments with your family.
  • This year you will get to see Noah walk, and talk! Each year as you grow older, so does he. Enjoy watching him grow!

Believe in yourself, look after yourself and be patient…

  • Believe in yourself and let your creativity run free.
  • Don't forget to take some 'me time' with all these new mum responsibilities. Things that bring Stella back to Stella.
  • Smile and the world will smile back at you! But don't forget that feeling sadness is just as much part of being human as happiness is.
  • I hope you are able to exercise and spend soul-nourishing time in nature, experience intellectual fulfilment and a sense of community, heart-pounding excitement and love, and adventure and butterflies in your stomach like we both get while exploring new countries.
  • Build your own ‘things to do before I turn 30’ to do list and plan moments/souvenirs that will bring more sparkles to your life.
  • Give off warmth and care, enthusiasm and empathy, openness and friendliness, and all of this will radiate back at you.
  • Be patient with yourself.

Onwards and upwards…

  • It just keeps getting better...being in your 30's rocks and believe it or not being in your 40's is even better...because year by year you become more comfortable, confident and courageous. Knowing the base you already have at 28...imagine what you can accomplish with even more courage and confidence!
  • Some people (you are one of those people) are willing to continually work towards achieving their vision of the good life. The cumulative effect of those efforts ensures that life's general trend in happiness is upwards. So if anything, you should be impatient that you aren’t growing older faster! Because as good as 27 was, 28 will be better.

And to finish off with a poem from my best friend…

As the years pass, gratitude grows stronger,
Fewer memories last much longer.
Take advantage of the laughter shared with best friends.
Those surges of love will power you until the end.
More opportunities with more decisions,
more knowledge with more passions.
Driving life with all that you do,
Catching dreams you never could have envisioned,
which are now realities that you make your mission.
We've learned important tricks over time,
Like focusing on the little things, to let the big align.
Perspective is everything; Awareness is too.
It only gets better,
as every year, you become more of YOU.

Live less out of habit and more out of intent.
Be intentional with your life


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