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A Beautiful Girls Trip to Cabo, Mexico

A Beautiful Girls Trip to Cabo, Mexico

You know you lucked out in finding the right girlfriends, when during a playdate you spontaneously chat about how fun it would be to plan a girls trip...and then actually make this trip happen less than 8 weeks later! I've been so lucky to meet a bunch of amazing mamas here in San Diego and will forever be grateful for all our play dates, spontaneous catch ups, chats, recommendations, laughs and girls’ dinners. With my hubby traveling so much, they have helped me out in ways that they don't even know. With our San Diego life coming to an end this month, this trip was the cherry on the cake...

Six of us jetted down to Cabo for 4 days, 3 nights and stayed in a beautiful villa on the ocean, close to San Jose del Cabo. It was my first lengthy time away from Noah (previously I'd only been away for a night) so I was a bit of an emotional mess the night before leaving but I'm sure my current, healthy levels of hormones added to that. I knew I'd be able to disconnect once I was away and what a treat it was. A treat to be able to sleep in without your natural alarm clock (aka little toddler) waking you up at 6am every morning. A treat to not have to worry about anything but yourself. A treat to head out at night for beautiful dinners without finding a babysitter or worrying what time you need to be home by. A treat to not be connected electronically the whole time. A treat to not live by the clock all day. A treat. Just a treat. Period. 

And the fact that you miss your little monkey every minute of every day goes without saying. Every mama knows that. But having a bit of time away like this is very rare and special for many busy mamas out there so I feel extremely fortunate to be given the opportunity by my ever supporting husband and fortunate, of course, for having the right group of girls to do this with. Girls that are spontaneous and fun by nature. Girls that are committed and motivated and don't take any of this for granted. I lucked out and will miss this group when we move on and leave magical San Diego. 

Cabo is a beautiful escape. There are endless resorts and although I have nothing against resorts, I am so happy we booked a villa to stay in. It felt personal and relaxed and I would recommend it to anyone traveling with a group of friends. Our house was in the Palmilla Estate, which is calm and simply gorgeous. I loved brunching late every day, eating fresh tropical fruit, swimming in the surprisingly refreshing ocean, laying out by our beautiful pool, chatting the days away, snacking on endless guacamole, salsa and chips and then ending each day with an amazing evening out. All of us girls getting ready together in one bathroom transported me back to my teenage and college years. How fun that is! Sharing make up, clothes and doing each other's hair. Such simple things in life. Such joys.

Our dinners were all really special in their own way. The first night we went very local and feasted on a true Mexican spread at Guayacamas in San Jose del Cabo. Some live music, margaritas, paper thin fried cheese (yum!), a huge spread of delicious salsa and tacos del pastor that will make your mouth water. We got the tip from our house owners who know the area really well. A favourite for locals and we definitely know why know.

The second night took us into Cabo San Lucas, the mecca of Cabo life. You'll find it all here - hotels, restaurants, bars, shops, markets, clubs, tourists, locals. It's fun and has to be done properly at least once if you're in the area. We started off with an amazing cocktail at The One and Only Resort in Palmilla (right next to where we are staying - 25min outside of Cabo San Lucas). Then drove in to Cabo for a delicious dinner at the infamous Edith’s restaurant. Their caesar salads are to die for! Did you know that the Caesar salad was invented by two Italian brothers in Tijuana, Mexico!? Fun fact of the day. Edith’s is Mexican done well. We ate well and are so glad we went. We checked out The Office as well, which is a winner in terms of setting. Your toes can play in the sand whilst you sit and eat Mexican food under a starry sky right on the beach. Not intimate in any way but very cool and I'm sure the food is delicious. A short while later we found ourselves dancing away at Mandala Club, a quintessential Cabo nightlife spot. It's your typical club with glow in the dark plastic glasses, poles and platforms for dancing and house music pumping away, but we had so much fun soaking in some of the tunes. We ended the night at The Cape, a very sophisticated and elegant hotel, built in the mid-century modern architecture style. So very cool and different from anything in the area. Their open air, roof top bar is very special - live music playing whilst you get to sink into your loungy couch or bean bag, see the waves crashing down below and admire the twinkling lights of the Cabo coastline in the background. If we weren't so tired (#momlife), we could have stayed there a lot longer, sipping our yummy drinks and enjoying each other's company. 

The third night was nothing short of amazing and without a doubt, our icing on the cake for the trip. We made it out to Flora Farms with high expectations since everyone raves about their experience there. I'm happy to say that our expectations were exceeded, by a lot. What a place. If I ever did my wedding over, I would want it styled exactly the way Flora Farms fills their beautiful spaces. Mason jars, tin buckets, endless candles, fairy lights, scattered lounge chairs, wooden benches, cushions, flowers, all slightly rustic yet with so much elegance and style.

We enjoyed some sangria pitchers and spent a long while looking through their stunning, varied menu. Not only will you find many creative starter and veggie options but also a whole list of authentic, thin crust, wood fired pizzas that make my mouth water just thinking about them. They also offer a grill/meat menu that will make any man’s (and woman’s) heart glow.

The whole place is a destination and an experience in itself. You arrive and don’t want to leave. Even if you don’t plan to take part in one of their tours around their organic farm, you can spend hours on the property. You’ll find a few adorable little boutiques (local handicrafts, jewelry and clothing), the sprawling restaurant, a twinkling bar that looks like it’s out of a movie scene, an adorable little ice cream parlor, and even a super cute grocery market that sells fresh produce from the farm, cakes, cookies, bread, homemade granola and other delicious treats. A paradise for kids to run around and explore and a paradise for adults to lounge, relax, drink and eat the afternoon or evening away. Needless to say, I recommend this place to anyone traveling to this area in Mexico. I would go back to Cabo just to spend another evening there.

All in all, it was a perfect little getaway with a bunch of beautiful girls. Thank you to those girls that made this trip so amazing, blissful, reenergizing, fun, and hilarious. I felt refreshed, happy and ready to head home.

Here are a few other things that made it on our Cabo list, which we didn’t end up doing:

  • Lunch and a beach day at Hacienda.
  • A beautiful sunset boat ride to The Arch.
  • Appetizers and drinks at Lorenzillo’s on the water before the boat ride.
  • A private dinner at Templo Cabo – such a fun drink and dinner pairing while listening to live music.
  • Dessert at Señor Sweets – it was highly recommended! 

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